Wednesday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) stated if President Donald Trump attempts to use disaster relief funds to pay for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border there will be “a heavy cost.”

Garamendi stated, “Today there’s $37 billion that the president could possibly secure of neighborhoods around the country, loan that is desperately needed for economic development, for the waterways, for the ports, and even more important for flood defense in Houston and California and Puerto Rico and other locations. We don’t desire him to do that. I understand for a reality that states and regional neighborhoods are gearing up to file a claim that the president is using a sham emergency to override the constitutional authority of Congress to suitable loan. Surefire lawsuit, guaranteed that some court is going to say, ‘yep, you’re right, we’re going to stop the president.'”

He continued, “If the president goes over and overrides the appropriation processes, overrides the authority of Congress by moving significant amounts of cash from one program to another, there is a thing called we’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. President. You’re going to need to return here for all of your programs for whatever. So the president requires to be cautious about that. He’s currently discovered what occurs when you try to override the authority of Congress, that was a 35- day shutdown. I would hope he does not desire that again. In addition to that, some of those authorities and one that I’m particularly worried about because I spent the last eight years dealing with the U.S. Coast Guard. The U.S. Coast Guard interdicts ten times the amount of drug that is the border patrol does on the Mexican border. There is a possibility of about a billion dollars that we’ve appropriated to rebuild Coast Guard cities which is vital to safeguard the coast of the United States. The Coast Guard supplies a wall 1500 miles at sea. Now could the president take that cash? He could. However I’ll guarantee you there would be tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, the president would pay a heavy price in other things he may believe are essential.”

Host Kate Bolduan said, “That seems like rather a danger originating from you.”

Garamendi. stated, “Well, take it for what its, I don’t say things idly.”

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