Fox News host Dana Perino exposed on Wednesday night that her “dream” is seeing President Donald Trump and California Governor-elect Gavin Newsom interacting on an immigration compromise.

” I have this little fantasy,” Perino informed Tucker Carlson. “That Gavin Newsom, the brand-new governor-elect of California, could be a Democratic ambassador who pertains to the White House and says, ‘Look I’m not from Washington, I wish to assist try to fix the problem. Mr. President, you and I should attempt to work this together. I’ll bring the Democrats, you bring the Republicans, and we can try to lastly actually get things done.”

Perino added that Newsom and Trump could work on a migration compromise that “President Trump would enjoy with however that would be truly great for the country.”

The facility Bush Republican politician mouth piece also discussed work visas for migrants while she and Carlson declared Newsom could assist Trump with an immigration compromise since Newsom does not mean much.

On migration, though, Newsom has ended up being stridently pro-amnesty and pro-sanctuary cities.

During his gubernatorial campaign, the lieutenant governor vowed to keep California a “sanctuary state” and said being an “asylum state” is what makes the Golden State “excellent.”

” Let me be clear, @realDonaldTrump: California is a sanctuary state,” Newsom said earlier this year. “We believe in the power of diversity. We have actually defied and resisted the xenophobic, despiteful policies of your administration at every turn. We will do it once again.”

Newsom has likewise said it is “offensive” to politicize Kate Steinle’s murder after an illegal immigrant killed Steinle in San Francisco, the “sanctuary” city Newsom once led as mayor.

While barnstorming for Republican candidates prior to the midterm elections, Trump blasted Newsom for supporting pro-amnesty policies– like free health care for unlawful immigrants– that Trump declared will draw in prohibited immigrants from all over the world to California:

How about the guv, the governorship of California? He just announced that he wishes to open borders, and he wants to let anyone be available in that wishes to. And then he desires to pay for all medical, for all school. What occurs, I said, if the entire world chooses to go to California due to the fact that they secure free healthcare, complimentary treatment, and complimentary education?

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