The Daily Monster is under fire after its fake newspaper article on President Donald Trump’s two oldest kids– Don Jr. and Eric Trump– apparently stiffing a local bar in Ireland.

The two visited the Igoe Inn Bar & Dining establishment throughout their dad’s recent visit to Western Europe. They made an appearance at the pub throughout the brief stay and purchased a round of beverages for locals. According to reports, they even “helped out by pulling the pints.”

” They were so beautiful and down to earth and offered a great hey there to everyone,” the club’s owner Caroline Kennedy stated, according to theIrish Mirror“I stated, ‘Begin lads you need to can be found in and pull a beverage’ so they did.”

She had absolutely nothing but glowing things to say about the 2, explaining them as “so nice.”

” They thanked everybody for their assistance and for coming out to fulfill them and stated there was a drink for everyone in your home and it was their small gesture,” she stated.

Towards the end of theMirror’sstory, Kennedy described that the facility was not concerned about the tab, reiterating the assurance that it would be taken care of.

” I don’t believe we need to stress over getting paid for that,” she stated. “I don’t believe they bring cash. We were told it ‘d be all arranged later on so there’s no issue.”

” We have the world press in our town and we are being zoomed in around the world and you could not buy that publicity,” she added.

Enter the Daily Beast, which published a deceptive report over the weekend entitled, “Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Still Have Not Paid Irish Bar Tab.”

This, obviously, is patently false. The Trump International Golf Links & Hotel in the location paid the tab in its totality, as locals anticipated.

The pub, incensed by the incorrect report, released a declaration on the Daily Beast’s purposeful misrepresentation.

” We have actually just had the most fantastic week in Doonbeg with the check out of the Trump family,” the statement read. “I want to clarify that The Igoe Inn was paid completely for the round of drinks that Eric & Don bought for our clients. We appreciate their service.”

The Daily Monster did not provide an outright apology, rather adding, “UPDATE: The original variation of this product said that the bar had actually not been paid at all. We regret the error”to the bottom of the initial post.

” A product in our Cheat Sheet, pricing quote a regional Irish paper, stated that Eric and Donald Jr. Trump had not paid their costs at a local pub,” the publication tweeted. “In reality, a neighboring Trump golf club did later compensate the bar. The item has been upgraded, and we regret the mistake.”

A product in our Cheat Sheet, pricing estimate a local Irish paper, said that Eric and Donald Jr. Trump had not paid their bill at a regional club. In truth, a nearby Trump golf club did later compensate the bar. The item has actually been updated, and we are sorry for the error

— The Daily Monster (@thedailybeast) June 8, 2019

Republican strategist Arthur Schwartz– who last cycle hosted dozens of fundraisers for GOP candidates, raised countless dollars, and, according to FEC records, personally contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars– called out the publication for issuing what totaled up to a non-apology apology.

You spelled “We apologize to Don & Eric Trump for the piss poor quality of our reporting” incorrect.

— Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) June 8, 2019

It does not appear that the Daily Beast even bothered to reach out to Trump Jr.’s group for verification or clarification prior to their initial report. This remains a point of contention.

Actually, no. The degenerates at @thedailybeast published a story filled with lies. Where’s your apology @NoahShachtman?

— Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) June 8, 2019

Scenarios just got worse after the Daily Monster upgraded the post with a deliberately unclear headline, crediting a relatively random “golf course” with covering the tab. Obviously, it was not simply any golf course. It was Trump’s golf course– the same golf course that employs hundreds in the location.

This is how @thedailybeast remedies their outright lie about Don & Eric Trump supposedly skipping out on a bar tab– a “golf course” spent for it. What golf course would that be, @NoahShachtman? You’re a bunch of worthless hacks.

— Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) June 8, 2019

At that point, Schwartz changed gears and provided a warning to GOP legislators particularly: Assist the Daily Monster, and discover yourself in major campaign financing trouble– No campaigning. No fundraising. No aid.

” Keep In Mind to @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP: if any of you or your personnel assistance anybody at @thedailybeast with a story prior to they release an apology for this disgusting smear, do not trouble connecting for fundraising aid. Due to the fact that it will not happen,” he tweeted.

Keep In Mind to @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP: if any of you or your personnel help anyone at @thedailybeast with a story prior to they release an apology for this revolting smear, do not bother connecting for fundraising help. Since it will not happen.

— Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) June 9, 2019

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