During a panel onCNN Tonight with Don LemonMonday, formerEbony magazine Editor-in-Chief Kierna Mayo stated that President Trump does not see black people as human beings.

” I do not even believe he really, this might be out there, but I do not think that the president sees black people as fully human,” Kierna Mayo stated on CNN.

” I do not think he sees us as having agency, intelligence, as noted by his remark about Spike, you understand, ‘he wishes he might check out.’ There’s constantly some subtle idea that black people require to catch up, keep up, and, if it were not for his graciousness, if it were not for his listening, his lovingkindness, we would be in a hell of a location.”

She continued, “However you know, clearly most African-Americans I believe are angered by most of the president’s language, by the majority of his discussion, and certainly by the– every night, every clip, simply leaves most African-Americans sensation, ‘This is a person who actively hates me. This is an individual who hates people who appear like me.'”

” And regardless of these individual one-off wins, I believe we’re clear that the legacy of Donald Trump and the future of Donald Trump is one and the very same. He is racist.”

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