For Christians, we are currently in Lent, the holiest of our seasons which culminates in the solemnness turned celebration of Easter Weekend.It is convention throughout this duration for Christians to dedicate to some deliberate act of denial in order to focus on their faith and bring them nearer their God.This is paraphrased into the typicalproviding something up for Lent

This year, when people ask me,Charlie, what are you quiting for Lent?My response has to be that I’m quiting the hope that any elected federal government leaders other than President Trump, are prepared to stand up for the beliefs and intentions of a bulk of Americans.

This past week, 12 Republican Senators (does that number noise at all familiar in the context of Lent?) joined all of their Democratic colleagues in voting 59-41 in support of an Expense that declared as unconstitutional the President’s National Emergency situation Statement to money a border wall.

In the end, they all forsook him and fled.

It is very crucial to bear in mind that all of this has capped over the previous 5 months because the President did not put his own Celebration in the position of having to shut the federal government down while they controlled both Houses of Congress.For 2 years the President had a bulk in the House and in the Senate and tried to rely on them to work together in getting our border protected.

They did what remains in their nature to do.They not did anything.

It is worth providing a roll call of those GOP Senators who voted against the President.To borrow from the all-time motion picture classic, Casablanca, let’s assemble the usual suspects:

Mitt Romney (UT), Susan Collins (ME), Marco Rubio (FL), Pat Toomey (PA), Roger Wicker (MS), Lamar Alexander (TN), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Roy Blount (MO), Jerry Moran (KS), Mike Lee (UT), Rob Portman (OH) …

… and Rand Paul (KY) whose libertarian suitables I normally but with whom I simply can not agree in this case.

The reasons for their turning their back on the President run along the expected lines.Some fear that the use of Emergency situation Powers will motivate future Presidents to do the exact same.Others state outright that it is unconstitutional.Roy Blunt in fact said that he stressed this would allow a Democratic President to utilize an Emergency Statement to pass gun control.

Is any person ready to join me in quiting?

Fortunately, the President isn’t giving up.He is going to ban this non-sensical Bill and let the fight turn to the courts where Republicans in addition to Democrats will attempt to stop him.This is with complete disregard of the wishes of the American individuals.

The polls on the border and the building of a wall can be confusing when looked at as independent parts of an entire because depending upon how the concern is asked, journalists and pundits can mention scripture for their function and draw varying conclusions.That said, back in January,The Daily Callerran a piece that did an excellent job in manufacturing the outcomes of numerous polls.The conclusion?Americans feel border security is an actually huge issue and they are willing to invest cash to resolve it.

Our political system has actually developed to the point where in the majority of precincts today throughout most elections, the 2 party’s have actually produced an option for voters that enables them to pick between two non-responsive candidates.Conservation of the status quo in addition to the trappings of power, advantage, revenue, and prestige have actually become governing goals for a lot of political leaders.

That implies that when we have a President like Donald Trump ready to stand and fightforus, he is required to combatversusthem.

There has been no other situation like this in modern-day political history.I wish that the stakes weren’t so high so that I could simply go back and delight in the amazing theater of this.We have the timeless plotline of one singular figure withstanding an unified threat.In traditional literature, the story typically ends tragically.In a contemporary movie, the story typically ends triumphantly due to the fact that movie executives know that crowds are hungry for a hero in a world with so couple of genuine ones.

I do not know how this one will end but already the lead character has actually taken on significant difficulty.The President has lost buddies and has had his own Celebration turn on him.He has been the subject contrived criminal investigations that have actually seen the use of law enforcement agencies turned into Tammany Hall type machinery.He and his family have been insulted and straight-out threatened in a way that takes us back to Abraham Lincoln and the days of the Civil War.

As a conservative activist who supports the President, I am constantly under attack and am subject to accusations, rumors, and name-calling.What our President is dealing with makes me feel like I am as popular as Oprah.

If this newest rebuke of the President in the Senate doesn’t explain to all Americans that the response to our problems isn’t simply to elect more Republicans, I don’t know what else can.If we take the majority of the gang of 12 at their word, then you can summarize their reasons for voting versus the President by stating that his boldness scared them.

We do not need more “R’s” in chosen government and we certainly do not need more “D’s.”What we need are more “C’s,” as in nerve.

Enjoy your Lenten season.Don’t provide up.Have the guts to keep battling.

Charlie Kirkis the founder and executive director of Turning Point U.S.A., an advocacy group for young conservatives.

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