Reelecting President Donald Trump is necessary in order to restore American sovereignty and safe and secure America’s borders, said Charles Hurt,Washington Timesopinion editor and Breitbart News columnist. He offered his remarks in an interview on SiriusXM’sBreitbart News Dailywith host Alex Marlow ahead of Tuesday’s launch of his new bookStill Winning: Why America Went All In on Donald Trump- And Why We Should Do It Again.

” Undoubtedly, there are big things that he has actually not accomplished,” stated Hurt of Trump’s governmental period, so far. “He’s not repaired the border, and when you look at the powers that are arrayed against him– certainly, the entire Democratic Celebration, individuals in his own Republican Party that are attempting to thwart his efforts, there’s the entire judicial branch trying to prevent his efforts– does he achieve it?”

Hurt continued, “I do not know, but I know this– it’s not going to be achieved without him. Do you think the next Republican that come along is going to take the position he’s taken on the border? I don’t.”


Trump’s presidential project and period further disclosed common left-wing and partisan Democrat predispositions amongst news media characters running under false pretenses of political objectivity and neutrality, noted Hurt.

” In 2016, [I was] watching the media shed all pretenses of attempting to be balanced and trying to report the news,” remembered Hurt. “The entire factor I got in this game is since I enjoy papers, and I enjoy the brand-new, and I love trying to search out the reality and exposing individuals who are frauds and liars. I have actually dedicated my life to trying to do that the finest I can.”

A corrupt news media is an existential risk to American continuity, determined Hurt.

” When you have theNew York City TimesandWashington Post and places like that– not to even mention the tv stations like CNN and MSNBC– completely shed any tip of attempting to get to the truth, turning their entire machine [and] apparatus into propaganda outlets to pursue somebody that they discover detestable, [it] is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen,” mentioned Hurt. “It’s really sad to me, and we can’t keep the republic is that’s our media.”

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