Potential Democratic governmental candidate Michael Bloomberg said Friday that Donald Trump’s presidency “can not be helped” and was “unsafe” for the country.

The former New york city City mayor likewise described the partial government shutdown, now at a record 35th day, as “a total failure of governmental management.”

The billionaire entrepreneur said that for fellow New Yorker Trump, “the art of the offer is just cheating individuals and not appreciating how severely they get harmed and now he’s doing it to the American individuals.”

Bloomberg also told a meeting of the Democratic Business Council of Northern Virginia that he believes “it’s clear that this president, at this moment, can not be assisted.”

The remarks by Bloomberg, a previous Republican who signed up as a Democrat only last fall, were some of his most difficult against Trump considering that Bloomberg’s speech to the Democratic National Convention more than two years earlier. At that time, Bloomberg warned of the prospect of a Trump presidency: “God assist us.”

Bloomberg contemplated that 2016 speech consistently on Friday, and he went further, suggesting that the federal government shutdown has actually proved that his initial caution about Trump was appropriate.

“The presidency is not an entry level task. There’s simply excessive at stake,” Bloomberg said. “And the longer we have a pretend CEO who’s recklessly running this country, the worst it’s going to be for our economy and our security.

He added: “This is actually unsafe.”

Bloomberg’s warm reception at the business-friendly audience highlighted the primary political obstacle ought to he go into the 2020 race. Liberal activists, who like to attack what they call “business Democrats,” play a much more prominent function in the main process than do the kind of service executives who provided him a standing ovation Friday.

One of the most popular early Democratic prospects, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, has alerted versus the role of billionaires in the governmental primary process.

Bloomberg tried to make the case for both commercialism and a centrist candidate, recommending that Democrats do not need to pick in between “energizing the base” and “pragmatic leadership.”

Inquired about his 2020 intents, he acknowledged that he has “an excellent life” and can make a distinction even if he does not run.

“Having stated that, I don’t like strolling away from difficulties.”

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