Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is courting President Donald Trump’s advocates in America’s Rust Belt, where he informed a crowd in Wisconsin Friday that Trump’s guarantee to assist working-class Americans was a “monstrous lie.”

” The greatest lie of all was when he stated that he would stand with the working class of our country, that he was on their side which he would handle powerful special interests to secure working households,” Sanders stated in a report in theHill“What a monstrous lie that was.”

Sanders’ appearance in Madison belonged to a four-day trip across Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania– all states that Trump won in 2016.

“[Sanders] has actually hewn closely to the progressive proposals that have defined much of his political profession– Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage and an across the country restriction on so-called “best to work” laws– while taking a more mindful line on court packaging, migration and getting rid of the Senate filibuster,” theHillreported.

Sanders’ team stated his “core message– that decades of lopsided trade offers and special interests in Washington have exacted a toll on the country’s working class– has a specific attract many of the voters who put Trump in the White Home, specifically those in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.”

” They understand now that they have actually been scammed and who’s more to trust than someone who’s been talking about this their whole career,” Chuck Rocha, a Sanders senior advisor, said in theHillreport.

” Sanders’s project supervisor Faiz Shakir outlined the technique in a memo last week, arguing that bring those 3 states while losing in other battlegrounds, like Florida and Ohio, would still suffice for Sanders to win the White Home,” theHillreported.

” Democrats might still lose all the traditional battleground states Florida and Ohio, the expanding sunbelt battlefield states Texas and Arizona, and the recently competitive southern battlefield states of North Carolina and Georgia– and still win the White Home in 2020 with Bernie Sanders securing wins in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania,” Shakir wrote in the memo.

TheHillkept in mind that right now Sanders’ most formidable opponent in the crowded Democratic field is former Vice President Joe Biden, who has regularly placed initially in Democrat presidential candidate ballot.

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