Author: Cain Wilson

Kurtz: It’s ‘Too Far’ to Say Mueller Report Completely Exonerates Trump – ‘Too Many’ in Media Not Accepting Lack of Further Charges

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Fox News Analyst and host Howard Kurtz stated that some people on the right “are going too far” by claiming that the Mueller report completely exonerates President Trump “as if there’s no embarrassing or damaging material in here.” He added that “too many”…

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Eric Swalwell: Trump Campaign Not Owed Apology for Spying

Appearing Friday on the Fox News Channel, 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) argued the 2016 Trump campaign is not owed an apology for being surveilled by the FBI under the Obama administration. A partial transcript is as follows: JULIE BANDERAS: Kellyanne Conway has suggested that the Democrats owe President Trump an apology……

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Nearly 4-in-5 GOP Women: Shut Down Border to Halt All Illegal Immigration

Nearly 4-in-5 Republican women say shutting down the United States-Mexico border is a “good idea” to stop surging illegal immigration, while more than 4-in-9 Republican voters, overall, say President Trump is “not tough enough” on illegal immigration, a new poll finds. The latest Fox News poll conducted by Braun Research, Inc. finds that about 46 percent, a…

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