Victims of prohibited alien criminal offense utilized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office Tuesday to evidence that she used walls as a barrier, and it worked.

Angel families stormed Pelosi’s office Tuesday asking for the Speaker to meet them and hear their pleas for a wall and border security.

” It’s nice walls in here, all the method, 4 walls in here,” stated angel mommy Sabine Durden. Her boy Dominic Durden was eliminated by a prohibited alien. Durden asked the personnel if she was to go through the secondary workplace door, would she be arrested. A Pelosi staffer just informed Durden she would ask her not to go through.

Durden then told the staff, “We asked my child’s killer not to and he still did.”– a recommendation to the foreign nationwide who illegally crossed the U.S. southern border before killing her boy. “And Pelosi does not care about that.”

Durden told the group she ‘d be arrested if she went through the door into Pelosi’s office but wouldn’t due to the fact that she obeys the law and appreciates the rules of the workplace.

” I wish the killers of our kids would’ve been held to that same requirement when they had them in the first location,” she went on, describing previous incarcerations of the prohibited aliens who later on triggered deaths of Americans. “But they get treated different which’s another thing that just grinds my gear, when they utilized to claim they were in the shadows. They’re not in the shadows, they’re flaunting it. We remain in the shadows now.”

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