Friday on MSNBC’s “Due date,” network host Al Sharpton stated President Donald Trump’s habits revealed the “cloudy location he is in mentally.”

Host Nicolle Wallace said, “Let’s go there due to the fact that “The New York City Times” did. I read this outdoors, but I will read it once again. The speech, as Phil Rucker stated, generally rambling, diverting on and off script, apparently at he duplicated points, he had actually currently made previously at night as if he did not keep in mind currently making them. And I have been on jury task so let me get in that into proof, along with of a couple of other things. David Brooks reported in 2017 that a lot of Republicans came out of a meeting with Donald Trump explained some signs that were similar to the early stages of Alzheimer’s. You’ve got reporting I believe from Phil’s paper, from Axios and other locations that in and out of the rooms individuals either disparagingly or passionately are stating at an increased clip, he’s insane.”

Sharpton said, “When you look at the reality that grandfather is not sitting house reading the paper, but he’s on the front page of the paper and grandpa has the football with the a-bomb mechanisms near him, this is frightening.”

He included, “We’ve been hearing over and over once again he’s losing it. And I believe what is driving this, a lot more, Nicolle is that with the economy fearing to be headed a minimum of downward, if not an economic crisis, and you have England and other issues in Europe, it drives him further into whatever cloudy area he is in mentally.”

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