New York City (AP)– President Donald Trump soft-pedaled any danger postured by racist white nationalism on Friday after the gunman implicated of the New Zealand mosque massacre called the president “a symbol of restored white identity.”

Trump, whose own previous responses to the motion have actually drawn examination, expressed compassion for the victims who died as “locations of worship became scenes of evil killing.” However he declined to sign up with expressions of installing issue about white nationalism, saying that “I do not, actually” when asked whether it was a rising hazard all over the world.

” I believe it’s a little group of individuals that have extremely, very severe problems, I guess,” Trump stated. “If you look at what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that holds true. I don’t understand enough about it yet. But it’s certainly a horrible thing.”

Trump was asked about white nationalism and the shooting deaths of 49 individuals at mosques in Christchurch after he officially vetoed Congress’ resolution to obstruct his declaration of a nationwide emergency at the Mexico border. His veto, targeted at releasing loan to develop more miles of a border wall against unlawful migration, is anticipated to survive any congressional effort to overturn it.

Questioned about the accused shooter’s recommendation to him, Trump professed lack of knowledge.

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